Customizing Pretty Much Everything These Days


Some believe that customization show off while some believe that it is actually necessary since people need to be proud aboutwhat they have and therefore there is nothing wrong in showing off. Anyhow, in the present day pretty much everything is being customized. Most commonly clothes, shoes, sportswear, vehicles etc. are customized in the world although there are many more to that list. There are even subcategories of the previously mentioned list i.e. in the context of vehicles, private jets, private luxury vehicles etc. are some of them. Hence this article will provide you an enhanced knowledge on customization.

Customizing as a Trend

The trend of customizing has become so common and so popular that even little things like personalised name labels are also available in the market. This has come in to existence not because of anything else but because of the unnecessary riches which lead the need of standing out from the society and showing something special among ourselves and as a result the businessmen made it and opportunity to differentiate segments as ordinary and customized. The people who could afford it will be able to stand out from the rest of the society. However, with the passage of time, this became more than just about money, it became a trend in the world where the middle class income earners also wanted to differentiate themselves at least in a way they could afford. That’s where the trend started expanding.

Cost of Customization

Customization never comes cheap to anyone. It always has a huge margin and a difference from the ordinary product. A product such as a pair of jeans would cost about 50 dollars that is if it is the standard product while customizing it would cost another 50 or 70 dollars each. Same theory applies to all the other products as well and therefore imagine the cost a person needs to incur to customize something like an airplane which cost millions and billions of dollars. Hence it never comes cheap to anyone but do people still do it? Of course they do, which means the need of self-esteem is way more powerful than money.

Benefits of Customization

Well, there are two aspects in terms of benefits of customization. But to be honest there isn’t much of benefit in making name labels or other products which has a lesser profit margin but anyhow, the benefits can be identified from the producer’s point of view as well as the customer’s point of view. It enables the seller to deliver their customers the exact product they wish as well as give them a more sincere feeling with the business. For customers of course it’s all about self-esteem and more than the money or anything else. Well some do want a better product by customizing although the basic requirement is about satisfying an emotional need.

Hence I believe that this article has provided more than sufficient information for a reader to understand what customization is all about.