Different Ways To Play With Peg Dolls

It can often seem as though today’s toys take all the fun and imagination out of playtime. The toys are overly complex or come with far too many accessories. Many adults remember a simpler time when they could use one toy in a myriad of ways.  There is still a way to teach your children how to do that. One of the most accommodating toys are around are dolly pegs. These wooden toys can be used in so many different ways with just a little bit of creativity. It is a great hobby to pass on to your children. Here are some fun ways you can use this toy:

Alphabet Dolls
A fun way to teach your little one to learn the alphabet is by painting peg dolls Australia. Simply take twenty six pins and paint them in bold and fun colours. In the middle of each toy, paint a big letter of the alphabet. Continue this until all of the letters are completed. You can now make stories out each peg, pretending they are a person named after the letter of the alphabet. By creating these stories you provide a fun and interesting way to teach your child their letters. You can also create little games to help them learn the order that the alphabet is in.

Wrap Dolls
Instead of spending a lot of money buying heaps and heaps of doll clothes, you can now make your own figurines as well as their clothes. You simply need a few wooden pins, some glue, and some string for this project. You can also choose to draw faces and hair on the pins to make them look more like birthday gift ideas for her, know more about it. Starting from the ‘neck’ of the pin apply glue in small strips down the ‘body’. Then take different coloured pieces of string and wrap them around the peg. You can choose a solid colour or go for horizontal stripes. You can also choose to wrap a skirt or pants thanks to the segregation in the pin.

Pompom Fairies
These wooden pins offer a great opportunity to make lots of little fairies. Their small size make them more believable as fairies. You can choose to string the little magical creatures all over your little one’s bedroom. For this project, you are going to need pins, pompoms, and some felt. Once again, you can choose to draw faces and hair. Then simply fix the pompoms to the ‘fairy’ to make the dress. Then cut out some wings with the felt and stick them to the back of the pin. Voila, fairies. There is a lot that you can do with some imagination and a little bit of effort. Teach your little one of using their mind’s eye and their creativity.